How to Play at Live Casino

How to Play at Live Casino

Ever wondered how to play live casino? Of course, it is fun to play at slot machines. The selection is huge, the variations are great. You will simply find something for everyone. Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly popular to play live casino, with live dealer. We do not mean to say that the popularity of Live Dealer casino comes at the expense of the slot machines, because that is not the case. No, what happens is that more and more people float between the two, often in one and the same gaming session. Most of us start playing a little at slot machines, but when we have gotten a little warm in the jersey and feel a little safer in the environment then many of us would like to try us on a live table. It is quite natural because first of all there is a living people that you can actually talk to.

It didn't take very long after the first casino was launched online before getting the live dealer casino as well. A live casino works in the way that after you create an account, log into the casino and select the live casino from the casino lobby. You will then see that just as when selecting slots, a page will be loaded where you can view the various live games your selected casino offers.

Most often these will be the following games: Baccarat, a game that is often preferred by big players, so-called high rollers. This is a card game and there are several variants of Baccarat. The most common variant is Punto Blanco. You will also usually find several variants of roulette, blackjack and poker, some but not all of which also offer a pair of three dice games. On this page you will also, as a rule, be able to see what is the smallest possible bet on each game and what is the highest accepted bet.

Once you have decided what you want to play, click on the window that shows the selected game. What is happening now may vary slightly depending on which provider is providing the live casino where you play. But in most cases, a page will load where you see all the available tables you can play on. You will see the dealer and you will see if there is free space at the various tables. In some games, only one player can play against the dealer and you can only see the available ones. Sometimes there will be no vacancies at the table of one or more dealers. Maybe they have a turn at that table or maybe that dealership is popular for some reason. If you have good memory then you can try to bite your mark in his name and face so that you can try playing at his table another time.

There are both male and female dealers. You are free to choose the table you want if there is free space. You are also free to change tables if you wish.

The dealer will see that someone has taken a seat at the table and he or she will see your player alias, but nothing more. He or she will not see your real name, where you are from or how much you have in your player account. You also can't use your webcam to let the dealer see your face if you wish.

You use the player panel on your page to announce to the dealer how much you are betting, where you are betting if you are playing roulette and if you are playing poker or blackjack if you want more cards or similar. The dealer will be able to see this on a screen above or below the camera that he or she is looking into to communicate with you.

Often the dealer will talk and maybe start a conversation with you. But it's up to you if you want to talk. You write your question and answer and the dealer talks into the camera when he or she communicates with you. The conversation is usually about very trivial things like where are you from, what do you work with, are you married, etc etc. Small things that make their time together become a little nicer and more inter-human. Ordinary courtesy applies, neither more nor less. It is also a bit fun to chat a little because you never quite know which country you are connected to. Most live casino providers have offices around Europe or the rest of the world and you can be connected to Malta, to Riga, to Curacao, Tallinn etc etc.

The dealers are always nicely dressed and made up, but for your part you can sit in the little boy. When you do not want to play anymore then you can close the game window and you will again land out in the live casino lobby, where you can choose another game if you wish. Most live casinos can also be played from a mobile device. The panel will adjust the screen size and it's up to you whether you want audio or not.

The biggest suppliers of live casinos to the Casinos online are Evolution Gaming which started in 2006 and NetEnt which launched their live offer in 2013. But there are many more that we may not know as well, but which also work very well. Some of these are ExtremeLiveGaming, Vivogaming, Microgaming, Playtech and many many more.

If you haven't tried playing at live casino yet then we recommend you take the chance. It's not that scary once you've tried it once. So now you know a little more about how to play live casino. Now just jump in it!