Casino Games

Casino Games

Online casinos have been around for nearly two decades, and they are evolving in step with the rest of the technology world to continually improve the virtual casino experience. What used to be a small, simple undertaking has now turned into a thriving online casino world, with stunning graphics and user-friendly gameplay.

Available Games

If you look at the list of all games in online casinos, you can easily get the impression that slot machines are among the most popular games and receive the most attention from software developers. However, they are by no means the only available option, quite the opposite. Online card and table games have received more and more attention from software vendors, which has led to major upgrades of the old classics.

Online casinos are excellent for those players who are interested in traditional casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette on the one hand, and who don't mind more modern versions with improved features on the other. The game rules are often displayed in the games themselves, and can also be accessed via a FAQ or help page on the casino homepage.


As already mentioned, there are casino games online in numerous variations, including versions that are not available in the local casinos. Here are a few examples of the more popular game variations:

Roulette | Roulette has three variations, each named after the region in which it was developed: American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. In American Roulette, there is an additional number, called double zero, on which the ball can land, which increases the advantage for the house. European Roulette and French Roulette, on the other hand, have only one zero, but differ in the way the House treats this one number. In French Roulette, all bets are simply taken for the next spin, while in European Roulette, players can withdraw half the value of their bets.

Blackjack | Blackjack is the casino game with the most variations. The different versions differ in various factors such as the number of decks involved, when the dealer hits/holds his hand and many more. It is estimated that there are about 50 different variants of Blackjack.

Poker | Poker games are usually divided into three categories, each of which can be divided into additional subcategories and each with minor changes. Texas Hold'em Poker is probably the world's most popular poker game and has earned its good name due to its famous position within the gaming world. It is also the feature game in the World Series of Poker. Texas Hold'em falls into the "community card" category along with other versions of poker. Other games that do not fall into this category include Draw Poker, where only the player knows his cards, and Stud Poker, where some cards are turned over by each player and some are not.

How to Play at Live Casino

How to Play at Live Casino

Ever wondered how to play live casino? Of course, it is fun to play at slot machines. The selection is huge, the variations are great. You will simply find something for everyone. Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly popular to play live casino, with live dealer. We do not mean to say that the popularity of Live Dealer casino comes at the expense of the slot machines, because that is not the case. No, what happens is that more and more people float between the two, often in one and the same gaming session. Most of us start playing a little at slot machines, but when we have gotten a little warm in the jersey and feel a little safer in the environment then many of us would like to try us on a live table. It is quite natural because first of all there is a living people that you can actually talk to.

It didn't take very long after the first casino was launched online before getting the live dealer casino as well. A live casino works in the way that after you create an account, log into the casino and select the live casino from the casino lobby. You will then see that just as when selecting slots, a page will be loaded where you can view the various live games your selected casino offers.

Most often these will be the following games: Baccarat, a game that is often preferred by big players, so-called high rollers. This is a card game and there are several variants of Baccarat. The most common variant is Punto Blanco. You will also usually find several variants of roulette, blackjack and poker, some but not all of which also offer a pair of three dice games. On this page you will also, as a rule, be able to see what is the smallest possible bet on each game and what is the highest accepted bet.

Once you have decided what you want to play, click on the window that shows the selected game. What is happening now may vary slightly depending on which provider is providing the live casino where you play. But in most cases, a page will load where you see all the available tables you can play on. You will see the dealer and you will see if there is free space at the various tables. In some games, only one player can play against the dealer and you can only see the available ones. Sometimes there will be no vacancies at the table of one or more dealers. Maybe they have a turn at that table or maybe that dealership is popular for some reason. If you have good memory then you can try to bite your mark in his name and face so that you can try playing at his table another time.

There are both male and female dealers. You are free to choose the table you want if there is free space. You are also free to change tables if you wish.

The dealer will see that someone has taken a seat at the table and he or she will see your player alias, but nothing more. He or she will not see your real name, where you are from or how much you have in your player account. You also can't use your webcam to let the dealer see your face if you wish.

You use the player panel on your page to announce to the dealer how much you are betting, where you are betting if you are playing roulette and if you are playing poker or blackjack if you want more cards or similar. The dealer will be able to see this on a screen above or below the camera that he or she is looking into to communicate with you.

Often the dealer will talk and maybe start a conversation with you. But it's up to you if you want to talk. You write your question and answer and the dealer talks into the camera when he or she communicates with you. The conversation is usually about very trivial things like where are you from, what do you work with, are you married, etc etc. Small things that make their time together become a little nicer and more inter-human. Ordinary courtesy applies, neither more nor less. It is also a bit fun to chat a little because you never quite know which country you are connected to. Most live casino providers have offices around Europe or the rest of the world and you can be connected to Malta, to Riga, to Curacao, Tallinn etc etc.

The dealers are always nicely dressed and made up, but for your part you can sit in the little boy. When you do not want to play anymore then you can close the game window and you will again land out in the live casino lobby, where you can choose another game if you wish. Most live casinos can also be played from a mobile device. The panel will adjust the screen size and it's up to you whether you want audio or not.

The biggest suppliers of live casinos to the Casinos online are Evolution Gaming which started in 2006 and NetEnt which launched their live offer in 2013. But there are many more that we may not know as well, but which also work very well. Some of these are ExtremeLiveGaming, Vivogaming, Microgaming, Playtech and many many more.

If you haven't tried playing at live casino yet then we recommend you take the chance. It's not that scary once you've tried it once. So now you know a little more about how to play live casino. Now just jump in it!

Top 10 NetEnt Games

Top 10 NetEnt Games

This business, which is the master of developing software for the gaming industry, holds absolutely the highest class in the genre of online gaming. In order to succeed in maintaining its position at the top, it is not only necessary to continuously release new products. No, one must also make sure to continuously innovate of some kind. And this, is something these Scandinavians really do. Net Entertainment, which is their full name, is a pioneer in this segment and they are celebrating their 20th anniversary here in 2016. Their portfolio covers most of what you can think of in the casino. They offer live casino, scratch cards, video poker, bingo, keno and slot machines. And it is perhaps in the latter category where they have really excelled and shown the way and not least become one of the world's leading developers.

Within the category of slot machines, one is often divided into sub-categories and of course NetEnt has games for all the sub-categories of the market. Classic vending machines of the simple kind that put us in that nostalgic 70's and 80's feel. - The time when the technology was not quite as far as it is today and where mechanical slot machines were deployed in taverns or casinos. As a small tribute to this nostalgia, NetEnt has spun on this simple design in many of its machines. There are also digital slots with impressive graphics and unique features that have made their slots very well liked and very popular. There are also slots with progressive jackpots where the winnings can be absolutely amazing.

There is a huge catalog of games to choose from from these pros on slot machines. So there are hundreds of them here, but we should try to boil it down a bit and pick out, in our opinion, the very best. So here's our top 10 NetEnt games:

1. Starburst

The game got off to a slow start when it was launched in 2012 and it wasn't particularly popular with the reviewers out there, but as time went on, it all took some momentum itself. Several players defied the low marks the game received and that more and more casinos added it among their selection. And today you can say nothing but that the slot machine has great success. It is almost impossible to find a European casino that does not have this slot machine in its portfolio and is often very visible. One of the reasons why this machine is as popular as it is is probably the high RTP of 96.1%. But it is probably also because of the good combination of simplicity without being simple that lures the players to themselves.

The theme is in many ways a sparkling one. Not only is the game fun and exciting, it is also based on different gems. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds glitter from each wheel and make the screen shimmer in happy colors. Sometimes smaller, more and here we see a glittering example of it.

Casinos where you can play Starburst are, for example, Mr Green who gives £ 1000 in bonus along with 200 free spins.

2. Piggy Riches

Here it is talk about getting pig-rich and here it is Mr and Mrs Gris about playing over the wheels so that you can get pig-rich. We play over 5 reels, where we find Mr and Mrs Gris who are elegantly dressed and extremely rich and well-dressed. Here are great clothes and lots of bling.

NetEnt's Piggy Riches is one such game that you only have to try once. Here Pig herself acts like wilds, while the lady acts as a scatter in this game that delivers lots of entertainment both with its built-in features and with the great animated features that spin.

Piggy Riches is a slot machine that you can play at Casumo which gives 1200 euros in bonus and 200 free spins.

3. Gonzo’s Quest

Launched as it was many years ago now, Gonzo's Quest NetEnt's is the first platinum-rated slot machine and the first slot machine to introduce the Avalanche feature. An up-to-the-minute animated intro and 3D graphics of the highest standard have contributed to the game's popularity, but the Spanish conquistador on his quest to find the forgotten city of Eldorado has a lot more to come on his 5 reels, and that has made mante Players choose Gonzo's Quest when they visit a casino online. With NetEnt's Avalanche, you are guaranteed an experience that makes it easy to sit for a long time playing on the machine.

Casinos where you can play on Gonzo's Quest are, among others: Maria Casino which gives 200% bonus plus 100 free spins.

4. Twin Spin

If you are looking for a game of good old fashioned Las Vegas style, then NetEnt's Twin Spin may be your perfect candidate. Without really having many extra features, pilgrims still allow players to try their luck at this slot machine. Perhaps it is precisely the simplicity of the machine that lures. The symbols are retro with bells, BAR signs and diamonds that have been slightly modernized. The unique feature where the reels are synchronized with 243 different combinations you can win has lifted the slot machine to become one of the favorites.

For example, casinos where you can play Twin Spin are at NorgesCasino which entices with € 300 bonus and 177 free spins.

5. Aloha! Cluster Pays

Launched by NetEnt in March 2016, it has a Hawaiian-based theme that is bursting with life and subject matter. Aloha, means both hello and have it on the little island out there in the Pacific. The slot machine is adorned with Tiki symbols, which are faces of Maori mythology and these play a major role in the game. The game spans six reels and five rows and what is quite unique is that a Tiki (which we mentioned a little further up) can cover two rows at the same time. When these are clustered, the winnings can be quite large, hence the name Cluster Pay.

Aloha! You can play Cluster Pays for example at Kaboo Casino which gives you $ 2000 bonus and 50 free spins.

6. Jack and the Beanstalk

When you watch the intro to NetEnt's Jack and the Beanstalk, you can hardly believe that it is a slot machine for what looks like a movie from Pixar or Disney. So high quality is this slot machine based on the saga of Jack and the bean stalk. This is a game with top-notch 3D animations and with innovative features such as Walking Wild that actually spans the five reels, giving this slot machine a ranking on NetEnt's top 10.

For example, the casino where you can play Jack and the Beanstalk is: Betsafe, which gives $ 10,000 in bonus and Big Spins.

7. Guns n’Roses

Launched as the slot machine during the 2015 ICE Game Fair in London, NetEnt was surprised by a game where not only is the super group the theme, but the game developer also gained the rights to some of their most famous songs. Already in the introduction, you start with Sweet Child'o Mine and when the slot machine has loaded the 5 reels, five new tracks are waiting to spin around the playlist on the jukebox. Duff, Stash and Axl are spinning forward and are the symbols of the highest paying images. The other symbols that are often related to the group appear among other things like wilds. This is a great game, filled with rock classics that simply needs to be on our leaderboard.

One of the casinos where you can play Guns n'Roses is among others InstaCasino that gives you $ 2000 and 10 RealSpins.

8. Engine head

Blessed Lemmy Kilmister went live for not so long, has made a real impression in rock history. There are many who have made success and have made progress in this genre who have even looked up to this band and who have rocked to their tunes. When NetEnt presented its commitment to rock theme games, it certainly wasn't spared the gunpowder. Some of the very best names were choice two license was purchased to be able to produce with rights. When the five reels spin, it may at first seem like a fairly ordinary slot machine, but here it works a little differently. The two wheels on the far left have three rows, the next two have four and the last one has five rows. In this way, you create profitable combinations that you are not quite used to.

For example, casinos where you can play Motörhead are CasinoLand, which gives you a bonus of NOK 8,000.

9. Flowers

If you are looking for some color and warmth on a cold day then Flowers may be something that spikes you up a bit. Whistling birds and buzzing bees are heard in the background and colorful flowers spinning across 5 wheels. But these are not ordinary flowers. Some on NetEnt have had free hands to create the humorous faces of these flowers, some of which carnivorous flowers have received a rather ugly look. Why you chose to give the red rose an angry mine, yes you can only guess, but it was perhaps an ironic stroke. You will be happy regardless of the game, as it is a small mood lifter and therefore deserves its place on the list.

You can play Flowers at, among others, Cherry Casino, which gives you a £ 6,000 bonus plus 100 free spins.

10. Dead or Alive

Wipe the dust off your old cowboy boots, put on your hat, and tighten the turret casing to carry it to the wild west. NetEnt gives us a game with wonderful sound effects and animations that live up to the game's high standards. The five reels spin and certainly resemble The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (The Good, The Evil and The Cruel, in Norwegian). Although there is nothing ugly or cruel here. There is only one really good game here that should be tried by those who enjoy class games.

For example, the casino where you can play Dead or Alive is Bethard, which gives you £ 7,500 bonus in the same slot as you get 650 free spins.


NetEnt is one of the absolute best game developers to date, for online casino games. Their strength is that after all these years they continue to deliver their very best and they give us one magic slot machine after another. If you would like to confirm our claims on your own, just visit our recommended casinos, where you can try out the vast majority of games for free. Creating a Top 10 list of NetEnt's games is not an easy task when you consider how many slots they have launched and how many of these have at one time or another been our personal favorite. Nevertheless, this is the list of the NetEnt slot machines that despite NetEnt's time and new releases, appear to be NetEnt's best today.

Having a Gambling Problem and How to Deal with It

Having a Gambling Problem and How to Deal with It

If you have ended up on this site then it is probably because you suspect or know that you or someone in your immediate vicinity has worked up a problem with gaming. As with any addiction, whether it be substances like drugs and alcohol or behaviors like gaming, cellphone, social media etc, the first step towards improvement is recognizing the problem. But it is often a process to come to this realization and it may take some time.

No shame in being addicted

One thing to know, though, is no shame. It is no shame because all or almost everyone has established personal acquaintance with some form of addiction. Be it nicotine addiction, caffeine addiction, TV or Internet addiction. The fact that an addiction does not create an immediate social or economic problem does not mean that it does not exist. It should therefore be more or less possible for everyone to understand and understand what a gaming addict is struggling with.

Our brains tend to become addicted

To some extent, it can be said that it is not the addict's fault, because our brain is designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Bottom line, it will automatically drive you towards what it finds brings pleasure and drive you from what it finds causes pain or requires an extra effort. For the brain will see an extra effort, such as changing a behavior such as pain and status quo is comfortable. So joy.

This does not relieve us of good responsibility for ourselves and our actions. On the contrary. It rather gives you a tool to control you, because you now know that the brain will try to pull you towards what you are trying to avoid. It starts a discussion with the part of you that wants to change behavior and tries with every possible trick to make you fall back into the old familiar pattern. Because it is known and because it feels safe there and maybe also because you get a rush when you do what you are now trying to avoid doing. Although not for your own good. It's not evil. It's that part of your brain, called the amygdala, like a little child. It knows no consequences and does not know what is good for it itself. It just knows what it wants. Just like a kid in a candy store. You as an adult know that the child cannot feed on chocolate. But the child doesn't know that. Therefore, you must help the child and stimulate it to another, more desired behavior. That's it with the amygdala, too.

Take responsibility for yourself and seek help

It is perfectly okay to ask for help  if you realize you have a gambling problem. In fact, it's the best thing you can do. Settling with an addiction alone is not easy. The chances of getting over the addiction are much greater if you get help from someone who has struggled with the same addiction yourself. And remember that a relapse does not mean that everything is lost. It's just a temporary step back. A new experience and knowledge that will make it easier next time to resist temptation.

Find something more useful and fill the void your cured addiction will create. Here, the typical 12-step program, with its fellowship with others in the same situation, can be useful. But find something that's right for you. For some, a longer meditation or yoga seminar, which breaks with everyday life and helps you connect with your inner self, will fit. Others need something more breathtaking as a sport. On the whole, it is about hacking into something that creates endorphins, seratonin, dopamine or other of the body's own happiness chemicals. We all have something we like, the question is just to find it.

If gaming is no longer a choice then there is a problem

Here at Norske Casino Online we like to write about casinos online and playing casinos online. For some of us it is a hobby, for others it is a livelihood. We realize that even though we like this and have no problem, some people may have problems with gaming. Of course, this is not something we want to happen. Zuckerberg probably did not want to create addiction to social media, wineries did not want to create alcohol problems, shops are not there to create shopping addiction.

The problem is rather that our amygdala, which in many situations is of great help, in our modern society finds too little to do and too useless entertainment. You have to take responsibility for the situation and find other outlets, otherwise chances are that when one addiction is cured another will be created. Make sure if the new addiction happens to be something that is in your favor.

Seeking help is: